Finding Love After 60 Can Be A Grand Adventure

As the baby boomer generation ages, more are becoming single again and wondering what’s next. Death of a spouse or divorce not only leaves more men and women alone, but also brings up the question: Is it possible to find love again after 60?

The consensus of both women and men is resoundingly positive – it is not only possible to find love again, but it can also be a wonderful adventure.

Looking for love after 60 is the same as when you’re younger, only different

Mature adults have a different sort of baggage. Having lived several decades of adulthood, you no longer have young children to care for at home. You may not be looking to create a home together since you already have one. And you won’t be juggling college and jobs like when you were younger.

The “baggage” of mature adults comes in many forms. Things like health challenges may feel like they’ll intrude on a new relationship. Your habits and beliefs are likely more firmly set than when you were in your twenties. And you may be less flexible than you used to be. There may also be emotional pain from a previous marriage or struggles with adult children.

Mature Adults Have Priceless Gifts to Offer

Just living your life – whether relatively easy or a struggle – for the last 60+ years means you’ve got baggage, sure. But you also have priceless gifts. You’ve lived long enough to know yourself. You don’t play games, you’re more likely to be direct and honest, you understand what’s most important to you and what you don’t care much about anymore.

So how exactly might you go about embarking on this grand adventure of looking for love when you’re over the age of 60? Here are a few ideas – a road map of sorts – for your journey.

Take Time to Decide What’s Important, and What’s Not

From body type to religion to when to crawl into bed at night, you know what you like and what just isn’t negotiable. Is it important to you that your new love interest share your political persuasion? Likes the same types of movies? Wears a particular type of clothing? Loves to travel or is more of a homebody? There are no right or wrong answers – this is just about what is important to you. Whether you write a list or just spend a little time thinking about it, starting your adventure by being clear on what’s negotiable and what isn’t is so important.

Let People Know You’re Available

This doesn’t need to be a big announcement! But you likely won’t find love by sipping tea on your back porch and thinking about it. Go where people are. Whether that means playing Bingo, joining a new church, taking a cruise or learning yoga, you’ll want to interact with folks just to raise the possibility of finding a new love interest. Say yes when someone offers to take you out to lunch. Be willing if an adult child or dear friend offers to introduce you to someone who shows an interest. This is an adventure, remember!

It’s Okay to Be Intentional

Every year, more and more mature adults use social media or even dating websites to help them find their new love. Almost everyone knows someone who found their late-in-life partner through an online service, and it can be a great way to expand your horizons beyond the local folks. Whether you’re a man or a woman, its okay to be the first to reach out and express interest too.

There is no right or wrong way to search for love, and finding love after 60 can definitely be a grand adventure. A little different from when you were younger, but with many parts the same. The desire for intimacy knows no age, and the heart longs for connection. Your heart longs for connection. So go ahead, begin the journey! Contact us if you’d like to talk about what your adventure has been like so far!

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