June 2014 is National Aphasia Awareness Month

Did you know that approximately one million American families are currently coping with an aphasia diagnosis? It is a communication disorder that often occurs after an ischemic event.

In some instances, with continued treatment, it is reversible. In others, it becomes a permanent factor in the families’ lives. Each June, licensed practical nurses and other home health care professionals like to shine a light onto the disorder as part of National Aphasia Awareness Month.

Because it is such a common disorder, many of Florida’s licensed practical nurses have experience working with those affected by it. They know that aphasia comes in many forms and must be treated accordingly. In the majority of cases, a licensed practical nurse will be working on the patient’s case along with a speech language pathologist and other learned members of a healthcare team.

Depending on the facts of the case, the team may take a life participation approach that involves the use of drug therapy,transcranial magnetic stimulation, impairment and communication based therapies. In those instances, licensed practical nurses may help with medication administration and management.

They may also assist with the delivery of transcranial magnetic stimulation treatments and provide the patient’s family with ongoing care plan education and support. These are the types of activities that may be completed at home or in a clinical setting. Many patients and their families tend to prefer receiving aphasia treatment at home.

In the State of Florida, private duty LPNs who are willing and able to treat aphasia patients at home are available through Best Care. Licensed by the state, we currently serve aphasia patients residing in Broward, Palm Beach and Dade Counties. Our list of learned professionals includes, but is not confined to LPNs, RNS, CNAs and Care Coordinators. To learn more about aphasia and how working with Florida’s licensed healthcare professionals at home may help, please contact us today.

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