Below are some of the most common questions we receive. Click to expand each of the questions below to read more about that topic. Please contact us here for any additional questions or information.

How many hours a week of service will I need?

Referred caregivers can provide service for just a few hours each day or around the clock 24/7. They are there for whatever your needs may be to assist with activities of daily living. Caregivers can be there for any type of schedule to help the client and family. No minimum of hours is required. Caregivers can be there to help start the morning and return in the evening to end the day as well.

Can we use an insurance policy to pay for care?

We accept most Long Term Care insurances directly on your behalf. Most carriers require a form called an assignment of benefits (AOB) to be completed by the policy holder. This allows you to direct the carrier to pay Best Care directly. Best Care works with most carriers and is happy to accept an AOB, file all necessary paperwork with the carrier and wait on payment from the carrier.

Some Medicare Advantage plans will also approve care in the home. Let us know who your Medicare Advantage Plan provider is and we will let you know if this is an option.

In many instances you can start services right away, without any out of pocket payment, unless your policy has an elimination period. (An elimination period is the time that was determined when the policy was purchased that indicates how long after activation you will be required to have some type of care or a facility rehab stay or possibly pay out of pocket for care until the policy actually starts paying). However, each Long Term Care Policy is different and may have requirements that must be met before they approve and pay for care. We will assist in contacting your provider to review what your policy covers. Please be aware that although we accept AOB’s (Assignment of Benefits), you will be responsible for the payment of the services referred to you, in the event your carrier does not pay any or part of the entire bill.

When can I/we start care?

The State and our company require certain forms to be filled out before care can be started. With technology today, forms can be emailed or faxed to the primary party that is responsible. Once our paperwork is received care can start immediately. Upon an initial request for care, our staff will usually be able to have a caregiver referred to you within a matter of hours that day, depending upon the services requested.

What are the rates charged for caregivers?

Rates are based on the type of services you require and the rate the caregiver is charging to provide those services to you. You may contact our office at 305-652-3311 for more information.

What if I’m not satisfied with my caregiver?

You control who comes to your home and who does not. Issues may arise that may cause you to want to change your caregiver. If this should occur, contact our office immediately and our staff will promptly find a better match for you, within hours in many cases.

What is the difference between Medicare services and Private Duty Services?

Private duty services are paid out of pocket or from an insurance policy usually. They cover ADL (Activities of Daily Living) assistance that can be from a few hours, up to 24 hours a day. In most cases since the duration of such care can go on for weeks, months, or years, the services are considered long-term care. The services Best Care refers are considered private duty and require a fee for such services.

Generally, Medicare is paying for services that will restore a person to a functional state either thru paying for therapy such as Physical Therapy (Pt) Occupational Therapy (OT) or Speech Therapy (ST) or sometimes a brief stay in a rehabilitation center. Medicare does not pay for long-term nursing care, however, Medicare may pay for a limited amount of home nursing care for Seniors and recently Medicare Advantage plans will consider some non-medical care for a period of time especially in instances where individuals are being discharged directly home after outpatient surgery or other less serious hospital stays.

Let us assist to see if both services are the right options for you. If so we can also refer you to qualified providers of medicare services that can complement the services you receive from caregivers referred by Best Care.