Secrets to Aging Well–and Living Well

Someone once said that “youth is wasted on the young,” but anyone who has lived a long, full life might surely disagree. There is great satisfaction in having worked hard or raised a family, having traveled to enchanting places and experienced enriching friendships–and then being able to live out one’s quieter years in comfortable and beloved surroundings that call to mind, every day, a lifetime of memories and joy.

Still, we can’t deny the realities of getting older: an increase in aches and pains, diminished ability to remember or concentrate, feeling lonely when a spouse or friend passes away, greater dependence on medicines for the conditions of aging, loss of certain abilities for safety reasons (driving, bathing, managing daily chores in a timely manner, and cooking nutritious meals). It can all add up to a mountain of anxiety and even depression when we realize we just can’t turn back the clock or make it on our own.

Being able to recognize these life events and patterns and how they affect us is the first and best step toward aging well. Sure, an initial impulse might naturally be to deny that any perceived decline is a trend or even permanent. But if we can seek out a trusted person to talk to at the first sign that “something is different now,” we can gain an enlightened perspective and then work toward a remedy before our safety or well-being is imperiled.

As well, it’s important to acknowledge that stress–however minor it may seem in the moment–is extraordinarily damaging to our physical health and our ability to think clearly and make decisions. Regular exercise (even just a daily twenty-minute walk), getting enough quality sleep, and eating for health are three keys that can defeat the “stress response” and can also mean the difference between independence and infirmity. Having spiritual outlets, too–prayer or meditation, devotional reading, or volunteering in some way to help people in need–can relieve stress and improve well-being by providing a sense that there are truly things that are greater than any difficulties we might experience.

Finally, having a sense of independence and freedom is itself one of the secrets to aging well for most people. Indeed, many people identify strongly with their ability to have a garden or flower beds, continue a life-long hobby, care for pets, or have family and friends over for special occasions and meals. It’s hard for most to imagine doing these things if they can’t go on living in their own homes.

Best Care, the premier private-duty home-health care agency in South Florida, is fully committed to its long tradition of providing the finest personalized senior care services in Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach Counties in order to help our clients live securely and happily right at home.

Our licensed, in-home caregivers provide support in all areas of client welfare, from ensuring proper nutrition and personal hygiene to managing day-to-day housekeeping, appointments, and medications. We encourage those in our care to continue to be as active and involved in life as they can or desire to be, yet we remain sensitive to each individual’s particular physical and emotional needs, even as those needs change over time.

By taking away the stresses of performing what have become daunting tasks, we allow seniors living at home to feel relaxed and confident–and maybe even to feel “young again.” Our clients and their families tell us often how relieved they are that our well-trained, compassionate caregivers can help manage the details of daily living while still providing uplifting companionship and much-needed encouragement.

Aging is inevitable; unfortunately, aging well is not. At Best Care, we strive to help our clients feel that every day is a gift, not a burden. Being able to stay at home is a worthy goal for the young at heart, and Best Care can make that happen. Contact us for more information about expert specialized home care in Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami.

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