The Advantages of Private Duty Nursing

There are many advantages inherent in choosing a private duty nurse, especially when managing pediatric health care, care for the elderly, or for those with long-term illnesses. Private duty nursing usually entails professional nurses, such as RNs or LVNs, who work one-on-one with individual clients. This care can be provided in the patient’s home or in an institution, such as a nursing home or a hospital.

Private duty nursing enables patients to receive more intensive, around-the-clock care, and also allows the families of incapacitated individuals to experience peace of mind knowing that their family member is being well cared for.

Private duty nursing care may be especially beneficial for those patients suffering from dementia. Specialized care can combat the negative effects of dementia by enabling the patients to remain in their own homes. Not having to leave their homes to take up residence in a more closely supervised group environment can be a great comfort to these individuals who benefit from the security that a caregiver can provide within the familiar home environment.

As employees, private duty nurses may be paid by Medicare or Medicaid, by managed care organizations, or through private insurance or by other means.  They may also receive private salaries paid by the clients or their families.

If you are considering hiring a private duty nurse, it is important to seek out a reliable agency that can refer you to the best possible option for your particular situation.  Best Care is a private, state-licensed Nurses Registry that matches patients with the most suitable, high-quality, personalized home-health care givers. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to arrange for a free consultation.

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