Home Health Care in Miami: Dance for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is largely a disease of aging. According to the National Institutes of Health, the average age for people contracting it is 60, and people’s risk of getting PD rises with age. Currently, 10 million people worldwide have PD. Symptoms can include shaking, tremors, stiffness, and challenges in walking, coordination, and balance. Currently, there is no cure for PD, nor any medication to stop the symptoms from progressing.

However, there is dance therapy specifically designed for people with PD. About 15 years ago, a New York City dance troupe began working with PD patients. The program has spread throughout the US and worldwide. As many people using home health care in Miami may have Parkinson’s, it is good to know about, as there are classes in Miami and throughout South Florida.

The program, called Dance for PD®, teaches dance and movement for people with Parkinson’s for three reasons. First, many people with Parkinson’s tend to withdraw from movement as it, and balance and coordination, become more difficult. The classes provide a safe space where they are encouraged to move. They are also in classes where everyone has PD and the instructors are trained in working with PD. The classes can therefore be very important in lessening any social isolation that can be so much part of the disease.

Second, there is what the dance leaders call “an artistic component” to Dance for PD®. “where we’re hoping people are able to say something with those gestures.” The symptoms of PD can make it difficult to express emotions as facial expressions may not conform to the way people are feeling. Dance gives back the ability to express feelings.

Third, some studies have indicated that dance therapy can increase people with PD’s mobility, especially walking. Some studies also show benefit to caregivers. The studies have spurred great interest in the effects of Dance for PD®, so larger studies into potential benefits are ongoing.

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