The Advantages of Hiring Nurse’s Aides for Dementia Patients

People with dementia or Alzheimer’s need extra care if they continue to remain at home. Family members or loved ones caring for these individuals find that hiring an in home health care aide alleviates a significant amount of stress. Home health aides are hired to come in the home and help with personal care for the patient, meal preparation and companionship. Aides provide a watchful eye for the patient and are responsible for keeping them safe during their shift.

Assistance is usually arranged for the patient full-time or part-time but this can depend upon the severity of the case. Caregivers usually rotate their shift so they will not become exhausted and have personal time for themselves. Despite the changes that people with cognitive decline going through home health care aides are there to encourage continuous participation in their daily routine.

Many patients are still able to engage in some type of daily activity. Health care aides know how important it is to keep the patient active and following a daily routine. Patients who remain active are in better spirits than those who are not. Not all patients will decline in physical functions right away, but those who do benefit from having the care and support from the aide.

Once a patient’s ability to care for their own personal needs fade away the aide will then help with toileting, bathing, dressing and feedings. Decline in a person’s mental status no longer means they have to go into a nursing facility. With the help of trained h aides most patients are able to remain on at home. You can be at ease when away from your loved one because you will know they are in excellent caring hands. To find out more  about hiring nurse’s aides for your loved ones contact us.

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