Home Health Care Agency in Florida Welcomes Wise Healthcare Consumer Month

Home health care in Florida will certainly be in the spotlight as the nation gets ready to welcome the kickoff of Wise Healthcare Consumer Month on February 1st.  Why? According to the Florida Health Care Association’s most recently published figures, our nation is expected to have more than 11 million elderly in need of long term healthcare by 2020 and today’s seniors may expect to pay, on average, $36,000 a year for assisted living arrangements or $91,615 for the same length of stay in a nursing home. As the Home Care Association of Florida has previously pointed out, at-home care typically makes more sense for Floridians than those two options and the reasoning behind that is simple.

Home health care in Florida is one of the most cost-effective, patient centered ways to keep seniors healthy, happy, independent, empowered and in touch with their friends and loved ones. It comes in many different forms, all of which are on par or above the quality of Medicare-certified services typically received outside of the home. In our case, we make sure that home health care is delivered to families in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties by licensed, fully vetted professionals like registered nurses and medical social workers. We also offer flexible financial arrangements that include, but are not confined to accepting Veteran pensions, Workers’ Compensation, private pay, credit cards and long term care insurance.

That said, there are several actions that Floridians may take to become better home health care consumers. The easiest ones are to maintain accessible, up-to-date copies of their healthcare records and choose a home health care team that comes well recommended. It’s also important to work with one’s home health care or hospital care coordinator in a proactive way. That includes asking questions about recommended procedures, medications, potential side effects, tests and the like. Those that would like to learn more about taking a more active role in their healthcare choices are encouraged to contact us and continue the discussion.

At Best Care, our management team collectively has 15+ years of nursing and management experience as well as a comprehensive understanding of current healthcare law. Plus, we only work with licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, nurses’ aides and other healthcare professionals who meet our registry’s stringent standards. Quotes for a wide variety of home health care services are available upon request.

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