Live-In Nurse’s Aides Can Help Ill Veterans Have a Quality of Life

Veterans that have spent their lives in service deserve to have a high quality of life when they are too ill to continue working. One way to achieve that elevated quality of life is to hire a professional, competent, live-in nurse’s aide.

Depending on the situation, such care may be covered under the veteran’s pension plan, long-term care insurance, health insurance or other resources. But where can veterans find an adept, live-in aide that can provide the right assistance?

We’d suggest using a live-in nurse’s aide registry like ours. The nurse’s aides that participate in our licensed registry are of the utmost caliber and we accept the financial arrangements mentioned previously.

In addition, we also honor other forms of payment including major credit cards. So the majority of today’s veterans and their families should be able to find a financing method that works for their unique circumstances.

Our live-in nurse’s aides may work in concert with other members of the veteran’s healthcare team or alone, depending on the level of care needed. As such, the tasks provided to veterans by our live-in aides vary on a case-by-case basis. For example, wheelchair-bound veterans may rely on our live-in aides to provide assistance with transfers, toileting, grooming, dietary and housekeeping activities.

Furthermore, our aides are also well versed at taking vital signs, documenting and reporting all crucial information to licensed practical and registered nurses. So those members of the veteran’s nursing team can respond accordingly and pass the information on to the licensed physicians involved.

To learn more about live-in nurse’s aides and other healthcare professionals that may help America’s veterans live comfortable lives at home, please contact us today. Our Best Care experts are available for discussions about those services through online live chat, e-mail and telephone. Live-in nurse’s aide services are presently available in three Florida counties, year round.

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