Home Care in Miami, Florida: Alternative to Institutionalizing Disabled Kids

In July 2013, the nation stood in awe as they watched the U.S. Justice Department sue the State of Florida over its treatment of disabled children and their families. The state’s case focused on how the children were placed into nursing homes, alongside adults, and received an inappropriate level of care while they were there. In response, advocacy groups across the nation were urging parents to forgo institutionalization and consider in-home care.

Personally, we couldn’t agree with those family advocates any more. In our experience, in-home care in Miami, Florida, is an available and affordable option that the Sunshine State’s families should certainly consider. It ensures that disabled children’s healthcare needs are met in a setting that is comfortable and convenient for them and their loved ones.

Furthermore, families can have an active say in how the children are cared for as well as choose their caregivers. The selection process starts with a call to us. We are a state regulated nurses’ registry that can help families arrange for the home care services of the following healthcare professionals:

  • Critical Care and Baby Nurses
  • Hospital and Home Care Coordinators
  • Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Live-In, Full-Time or Part-Time Nurses’ Aides

Plus, as we indicated previously, an array of financial arrangements is available. So families may choose a payment method and the amount of home care services in Miami, Florida, that best fits their household budgets. For example, families that have long term care insurance may be able to use it to cover the cost of home care in Miami, Florida, as well as other, related items (.e.g. home modifications). And any out-of-pocket expenses may make the family eligible for federal tax credits and deductions at the end of the year.

To speak with a Best Care representative further about the various home care options available in Miami, Florida, please contact us today.

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