Florida’s In-Home Baby Nurses’ Tips for Protecting Newborns from the Flu

Did you know that babies less than 6 months of age can’t receive flu vaccinations? Its true but our in-home baby nurses know of alternative methods that may be used to protect pregnant women, precious newborns and babies under the recommended vaccination age from the potentially deadly illness.

For pregnant women and their unborn children, the keystone to protection is getting a vaccination during pregnancy. Many studies have indicated as such, including one that was published in the September 2012 issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology. It suggested that pregnant moms should consider vaccinations regardless of which trimester they are currently in. Not only will it protect them, it will provide some level of protection for their newborns.

There have also been a few recently completed studies that show new moms should consider getting the vaccination too. Apparently, the antibodies that vaccinated moms’ bodies produce are capable of being transmitted to their babies through breast milk and will stay in their infants’ systems for at least a short time period. In addition, breastfeeding moms that don’t want to risk transmitting the flu to their newborns have other precautions that they may take.

For example, they may want to sanitize their hands and wear a respiratory face mask when feeding their newborns. Moms should also consider hiring a baby nurse and using a breast pump if they start to feel sick. The expressed breast milk may be given to the newborn by the baby nurse when needed. That way, the chances that moms will pass the flu on to their babies will be greatly reduced.

Another precaution that our in-home baby nurses recommend families take is to ensure that everyone else in the household is up-to-date on their vaccinations. Limiting contact with visitors that haven’t been vaccinated for the flu is a wise course of action as well.

To learn more about these and other ways to protect babies less than 6 months of age during this year’s cold and flu season, please contact us today. We can put Florida’s families in contact with baby nurses that are willing to answer flu related questions and provide in-home care.

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