Choosing A Home Health Care Provider for Live-In Home Aides

Before employing a rigorous selection process, communicate with the elderly person to see what type of care is suitable to their unique needs. Even if the elderly person is sick, they are not children – as long as they are able to communicate their needs, you should aim to satisfy their set of criteria within good reason. A home healthcare provider will be an extension of the elderly person. The home health aide will help with cleaning, small errands, some chores, and daily tasks that the elderly person may find to be a bit too cumbersome for their age. There are, however, certain expectations that are universal when it comes to choosing a home health care provider.

Check and Inquire About Proper Licenses

Check for a proper license at the macro and micro level – you will want the facility or company providing the elderly care services to be properly licensed, and you will also want to make sure that the actual home aide has a proper credentials and educational levels. Proper licenses from the home healthcare company will ensure that all staff are properly trained to work with elderly individuals. Proper licensure will reduce any chance of injury or the manifestation of an unsafe environment. Ask the home aide for references, if possible. By checking references of individuals who have hired or worked with this particular home aide, you will be able to make an informed decision. Check for any sort of complaints by contacting the National Center on Elder Abuse.

Flexibility and Convenience

Ask if you are able to change your caregiver on the whim. You do not want to be stuck with a home aide that may not the suitable or compatible in the long run. You will want to work with a company that will be more than accommodating if any incompatibility issues arises. Bringing a new person into the elderly person’s home is a delicate transaction – you should be able to flex selectivity.

Does the Home Care Provider Use Employees or Contracted Staff?

Home health care facilities may not be able to supply nurses in certain specializations or staff that will meet adequate needs. These providers will need to contract with other providers to employ full-time staff members. There might be a liability issue if the home health care provider utilize contracted staff. Also, there may be an oversight on contract staff from other home health care providers. You will want to invest time in a one-stop location for all your home health care needs.

What Forms of Payments Are Acceptable?

If using Medicare insurance, make sure that the home health care provider accepts this as a form of payment. If you believe that your long-term care policy will cover the costs of the services, then inquire about “assignment of benefits”. Assignment of benefits is a process where the agreed insurance company can make direct payments to the home health care agency or provider. If the costs are coming out of pocket, make sure that you understand payment terms. Inquire about grace periods, billing cycles, and costs of late fees.

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