5 Misconceptions and Realities of Home Care

#1 – Loss of independence

  • Assistance in the home actually INCREASES your longevity and prevents things like falls or accidents. This extra help can improve your independence, keep you safely in your home longer and protect your dignity.

#2 – Loss of privacy

  • In reality, care is tailored to the client’s wants and needs. As such the caregiver is there as much or as little as needed> There is no reason to have the caregiver hovering; they can be with you 24/7 or on stand-by when not directly needed in another room. With no care, in the home, you do risk a loss of privacy in that an accident or injury. could result in your being in the hospital or a nursing home with a total lack of privacy. Care is tailored to the client’s needs.  Caregivers can be there as much or as little as you want.  Having someone there does not mean they are hovering over you.  They are there to help with your daily needs which could include things like laundry and linen changes while you are enjoying your privacy and not worry about how these tasks are going to get done. Then when you need them they are there to prevent accidents or injuries which can lead to hospital stays.

#3 – Safety issues with a stranger in the home

  • In reality, we do not refer any caregivers that have not been criminally background-checked, referenced-checked, and vetted. Many have worked with our clients for years. You are free to work with your caregiver or request a new one.

#4 Running out of money

  • Home care assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, transferring, etc. is not a free service. Private duty nursing care does cost money, however there are many programs available to assist in the cost, such as long term care insruance, veterans programs, medicaid, etc. We have been in business since 1980 so allow us to work with you on some of these options. Of course direct pay is also available. Although some fear the care will outlast their finances, in our experience the average long-term care case is anywhere from a few hours a day, a few times a week for 2-5 years. Dealing with a private duty company like Best Care allows for flexibility in pricing, so talk to us!

#5 Having the wrong caregiver

  • Working with a private duty company like Best Care, gives you acess to many caregiver options. You hire us to make the right match for you. However, sometimes it takes a little time to find that right match. You are never stuck with whom you choose. If you do not like the caregiver you are working with we will refer other options for you and a replacement can be to you very quickly, sometimes within an hour or two!.