Securing Home Health Care in Florida Requires Thoughtful Consideration

According to the CDC’s 2013 National Study of Long-Term Care Providers, Floridians already consume more annual home health care services than most of the other states’ residents. As The Sunshine State’s population continues to age, that need for home health care services is expected to remain high.

Given the strong demand for home health care in Florida, families are encouraged to start their long-term care planning in advance. That way, they’ll be better prepared when their loved ones are no longer able to live independently. With that said, advance planning should start with an understanding of which home health care options are available in Florida.

As it stands now, Floridians may choose to utilize services like nurse registries, home health care agencies, homemaker/companion services and independent health care professionals. The list of independent health care professionals that provide home care services includes, but is not limited to, licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified home health aides (CNAs), registered nurses (RNs), occupational therapists (OTs) and speech therapists (SLP).

Some of the afore mentioned home health care providers offer skilled nursing services. They typically require doctor’s orders, care plans and careful case management. Many skilled providers also maintain their own liability insurance, which is a plus when it comes to home care services. They may have also been bonded, screened and subjected to competency testing.

Non-skilled health services may not include those elements, which could place a larger burden on the service recipients in the terms of insurance liability, security and case management. There are also issues of emergency management provisions, service delivery, complaint procedures and payment options to consider prior to selecting a home health care provider in Florida.

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