Questions to Ask a Home Health Care Services Provider

home health care services provider can make recovery better by allowing recuperation in the familiar environment home. Since you’ve most likely never hired a live-in aide or nurse before, here are some questions to ask the agency that refers them.

  • What licenses does the agency have from the state? Is it certified by Medicare to meet federal requirements?

  • What references does the agency have? You want not only a list of former client but also of medical professionals and discharge planners who have worked with the agency.

  • How are employees screened? Is there a federal background check, drug testing, and skill competency test? Is training provided? What are the aide’s background and experiences, particularly in dealing with the medical conditions of your loved one? What references does he or she have? Is he or she insured and bonded?

  • Is there someone at the agency who regularly evaluates the quality of the home care you are receiving? Whom can you talk to if you have issues with how the aide or nurse is handling care? If you’re not satisfied with the care, can the agency provide someone else?

  • How does the agency accept payments? Does it have to be private payment via cash or credit card? Or can it deal with reimbursements from health and long-term insurance companies, workers compensation, Health Maintenance Organizations, and veteran’s pensions?

Talk to several agencies so you get a feel for the different responses you can get. Then contact us, where you’ll get excellent answer to these and other questions.

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