New Study Shows Home Births are Safe for Some, and a Baby Nurse Can Help

According to a recent study, home births have rose 40% over the past 9 years, as many Moms choose to be in their own familiar home to bring their baby into the world, rather than a hospital. For those that choose to deliver at home, enlisting the help of a baby nurse can increase the odds of a safe and healthy delivery.

In past years, there has been a lot of negative talk about home births, but researchers found that women who are at a low risk for complications are, most of the time, able to deliver at home successfully. Out of close to 17,000 women that had a planned home birth, 93.6% of them had a spontaneous vaginal birth. Only 5% needed a cesarean section. One of the major concerns is a baby who is breech, or turned around, but in most cases, that situation is known about ahead of time. If a mom is healthy, the baby is in the right position, and there are no known risk factors, these researchers at Oregon State University think home births can be made an option for many more women.

Of course, every new parent wants the best for their newborn, so it’s a good idea to consider having a baby nurse available during delivery and several days afterwards. A baby nurse specializes in newborn care, and can evaluate the baby’s health and recognize issues such as reflux or jaundice. She can give guidance when it comes to nursing or bottle feeding, and help out when the new mom needs a rest. A baby nurse is also available to assist with bathing and changing the baby, and can give tips to new parents until they feel comfortable taking over these tasks themselves.

If you’re a soon-to-be parent in Florida who is interested in having a baby nurse come to your home to help with delivery and newborn care, contact us. A baby nurse can make the first few days with a newborn less overwhelming, and more enjoyable.

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