Licensed Practical Nurses’ Tips: 5 Holiday Staples Revelers Should Let Pass on By

Unfortunately for many Americans, acid reflux disease doesn’t take a break over Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years. As a matter of fact, it’s likely to really start acting up as all of the fatty holiday foods, wines and cocktails get passed around the table. So with that in mind, our licensed practical nurses and the rest of our home health care team in Florida urge holiday revelers to avoid the following:

1.) Peppermint Candy Canes

We know they’re hard to resist, but all of those peppermint candies given out so freely at this time of year can spark painful episodes of heartburn. Instead, ask about candied ginger or fennel. Both are known homegrown remedies for acid reflux that actually work. Just be mindful of the copious amounts of sugar that are frequently used to make the candies. They won’t cause heartburn but they may increase your pant’s size.

2.) Hot Chocolate

If you want to get through that holiday caroling session without so much as a single, familiar pang, avoid the hot chocolate too. You may just want to replace it with a hot carob drink. Unlike chocolate, carob is really good at keeping acid reflux problems at bay. To make a cup, simply combine one tablespoon of carob powder with hot, soy milk and a touch of honey.

3.) Rummy Eggnog

Spiked eggnog is largely considered a “no no” for acid reflux sufferers too. But if you’d rather spend an eternity with antacids in your hand than forgo the seasonal treat, we’d got an idea. There are low fat, virgin alternatives out there that may satisfy your urge for the fattening stuff. Most of them call for Egg Beaters® egg whites or the original version, skim milk, alcohol-free vanilla extract and fat-free instant pudding.

4.) Spice Cookies or Bars

Try and steer clear of the spice cookies and spice bars as well. Both have a tendency to cause acid reflux flare ups. Oatmeal cookies are a better choice because they won’t irritate the colon and they contain at least some fiber.

5.) Alcohol (Cocktails, Wine and Beer)

Lastly, stay away from cocktails that contain alcohol, citrus juice and bloody Mary mix. In lieu of those, try virgin drinks made with bananas or melons. They are typically gentle on a person’s gastrointestinal system, taste fantastic and can look really festive too (e.g. pina coladas topped with fat free topping).

To speak with us about these tips and other ways to celebrate the holidays heartburn free, please contact our licensed practical nurses today. We also welcome discussions about other home health care issues that may impact holiday revelers and their families.

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