How to Protect Yourself Against the Heat This Summer

Summer is almost upon, the time for barbecues in the park, outdoor attractions, and beach vacations. When this season hits, it seems we’re struck with a carefree sensation but perhaps we’re a little too carefree. 175 Americans die from extreme heat each year. Also, ultraviolet radiation from the sun (and tanning beds) is a proven human carcinogen, making it the number one cause of skin cancer. It’s even possible to get so caught up in summer activities that you don’t stay hydrated. So how can you enjoy the sunshine and take the best care of yourself? These simple tips will get you started!

Keep hydrated: Make sure to drink enough water to prevent thirst; the recommended daily amount averages to 13 cups for men, 9 cups for women, and varies between 4-11 cups for children ages 1-18 according to Mayo Clinic. Eating fruits and vegetables will prevent dehydration as well.

Don’t stay or leave anyone in a closed in vehicle: There are plenty of warnings out there nowadays to prevent this. Even if it’s for a short amount of time, this could result in death. Take this advice and safe a life!

Remember to cool off: Don’t let yourself overheat. Open a window, find a shady place, hit the pool, or take a cold shower.

Adjust your workout: Prevent heat illness by exercising in the cooler parts of the day and abbreviate your routine if necessary.

Accommodate your style with the weather: Wearing loose-fitting clothes will allow sweat to evaporate from your skin, wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses will protect your vision, and sunscreen is essential. If you’re a makeup lover, you’re in luck because there are companies who now make cover up and lip balm with SPF.

As you can see, protecting yourself isn’t complicated and it’s surely worth the effort! Contact us to learn more.

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