Extra Help from Nurse’s Aides for Seniors Living Alone

Seniors are living longer, but many times they find themselves living alone. Living alone can be difficult for seniors, sometimes they might need a little assistance. For these individuals, the help can be from a family caregiver, or when that is impossible, a nearby neighbor. However, most seniors benefit better from having professional nurse’s aides in the home on a consistent basis. Although seniors may need help in the home, many are not thrilled about accepting the help from strangers. There are things that family caregivers can do to help their senior loved one become more open to having someone in their home.

Discuss Needed Help Early

At the first sign that your senior loved one is not as quite active as they used to be, it is time to start talking about caregiving options. No, it is not something most people like to think, or talk about, but it is a fact of life. The older a person gets the most likely they will need a little extra help if they plan to remain in their home. Also, talk with other family members about caregiving options for the senior loved one. Sometimes, others might be able to help encourage the senior into receiving professional home care.

Listen & Discuss Concerns with Senior

Sit down with your loved one to address their concerns. It is quite common for your loved one to have worries. They want to remain independent for as long as they can. For them sometimes accepting help make them feel, as if they are losing control over their life.  Try to focus on their feelings and what can be done to assure them they still are in control. Most importantly respect your loved one and their feelings.

Compromise when Possible

It might not be that your loved one needs help around the clock care, or even daily care. They might just need someone to check in on them a few times out of the week, or help with light household work. If this is the case, consider bringing in a home care worker a few days out of the week. Try to help your senior loved one maintain the highest possible level of independence.

Set Appointment with Home Care Agency

Utilizing the help of agency that you can trust is very important. You want to work with a company that has been in business for many years, and come highly recommended. Seniors are paired with health care aides with similar personalities. To find out more about hiring a qualified nurse’s aides to work with your senior loved one in home contact us.

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