Elderly relocation and their eventual demise need not be scary….By Arnie Brownstein

My name is Arnie Brownstein and the following story is true.

As I think back to the beginning of this adventure, if it wasn’t for the financial decline of 2007 I would not be writing this story.

After two successful businesses as a general contractor and a banker, I was faced with the unfortunate decision to place my mother and mother-in-law into independent living facilities. The list of items that needed to be accomplished was truly exhausting. I forged forward as if I was running my general contracting company, opened up an Excel spreadsheet and started what turned out to be the most meaningful task of my life. My loved ones lives were about to drastically change as they were “leaving that home they loved” without their husbands by their side. In retrospect, I thought back upon the death of my father and father-in-law who passed away 16 and 8 years respectively.


Two items stood before me, relocating my loved ones and the necessity for proper planning for their future.

Finding the correct independent living facility, getting the homes sold, and handling the other numerous items seemed to come naturally to me. While sitting in the sales director’s office of one of the facilities with my sister-in-law Claudia, I realized my future ahead of me. Claudia commented that I was like “The Son You Wish You Had”. And so my next venture was started and Family Relocation Consultants, LLC (FRC) was formed in May of 2010. 

FRC specializes in helping older adults and their family’s down-size from larger homes to smaller ones, usually into independent or assisted living facilities. What makes FRC attractive is our complete turnkey handling of these transitions, “from soup to nuts”, including such details as: packing and unpacking, consolidation, supplying the moving company, contacting all utilities and government agencies about the move. We also handle real estate or leases for our clients to make all aspects of the move easier. We oversee the clean-up or renovation of the home, in preparation for sale, as well as set the seller up with the real estate broker.

It has now been four wonderful years and I never let a day pass without remembering my start.

Our clients, in the natural course of life, started to pass away. Family members from in and out-of-state called us to see if we could help close out their loved ones affairs.

My dream of helping families in their time of need when the inevitable occurs was my next venture. It became a natural extension of FRC’s services.

Family Transition Services, a DBA of its parent company Family Relocation Consultants, LLC was formed.


We found that Identity theft is so ramped, that closing the loved affairs became number one on our list.

In this world of automation and stolen identity, it becomes even more important that accounts be closed, proper agencies be notified, etc.


“We facilitate and close the final affairs of loved one, pre and post death”.


It was immediately evident that these tasks were emotional and overwhelming for most all families at these difficult times. This mounting work led us to launch this separate division, strictly to help families finalize their loved one’s affairs. We handle all items “turnkey” as we do in out relocation division.

Clean out the property, arrange for repairs and sale, whatever is necessary we will have accomplished.

The time to act in regard to your loved ones affairs should be pre death, when your head is clear.

We offer a complimentary consultation for all of our client’s needs, whether relocation or pre or post death.

Both of our companies are fee based, never by the hour.

When your need arises for either service please contact us as we are there to help.


Family Relocation Consultants, LLC


1-877-992-FAMILY (3264)

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