Creating Value For All Providers

At Careified, we believe that home caregivers have limited access to an accountable, affordable, high-quality education. Careified is focused on bridging this education inequality gap.

In-service courses are designed to provide an engaging learning experience and keep caregivers in compliance. Skill-based badge courses are designed to break through the bureaucratic red tape and diffuse highly credible, smart, practical knowledge from top thought leaders to every day caregivers.

Careified is currently providing 12 free hours towards improving your education and quality of health care services. All courses include professional audio, incorporate progressive, scenario-based
adult-learning instructional design and are architected to create a continuum
of value across the healthcare delivery chain:



Through Careified’s core learning experience, caregivers learn how:

  • To perform at a higher level with clients/patients
  • To provide better to themselves
  • To develop stronger client/patient relationships
  • To understand how to provide preventative care

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