Baby Nurses Can Help Diabetic Moms During Those Crucial First Months

Did you know that according to the American Diabetes Association’s research, approximately 18% of all pregnant women in our country end up having to deal with gestational diabetes? That’s not counting all of the women who have diabetes before getting pregnant. If you find yourself in either situation, hiring a baby nurse pre or post-delivery may help.

They are actually registered or licensed practical nurses whose skills can be helpful given the special, critical needs of babies born to diabetic mothers. That’s because many babies born under such circumstances are generally at a higher risk for developing breathing problems, jaundice and hypoglycemia than other infants. They are also potentially at risk for experiencing seizures.

Baby nurses are typically trained to deal with infant respiratory distress, jaundice, seizures, hypoglycemia and overall general care. So that can take a big burden off of new and experienced moms alike. It can also go a long way in securing the health of the baby,

In addition, many baby nurses can help diabetic mothers who wish to breastfeed. Although very beneficial, breastfeeding can be tricky for diabetic moms that do not have their blood sugar under control. Therefore, baby nurses can assist diabetic moms with post-pregnancy blood sugar control, caloric intake and stress management. They can also provide one-on-one support, including breastfeeding education. If contracted early enough, baby nurses may be able to help moms with antenatal milk expression and at home prenatal care too. Over the years, both actions have been shown to be beneficial for both diabetic moms and their infants.

To find a baby nurse in the Broward, Miami Dade or Palm Beach areas to assist you and your growing family at home, please contact us at Best Care. We are a Nurses Registry that can help put you into contact with an excellent baby nurse in your area. All of the baby nurses that we deal with are professional, licensed and intensely screened.

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